Individual Membership

Membership is open to any individual or business, professional or other body prepared to support the Society's objects and willing to pay the appropriate fee.

All individual membership services are handled by our publisher, Wiley-Blackwell. You will find the membership services page for SES members here. Please note that our publisher, probably due to some déformation professionelle, insists on referring to your membership as a "subscription". In actual fact you are not subscribing to the SJPE, but enrolling as a member of the learned society. It just so happens that you receive an individual subscription to the SJPE as part of your membership.

There is also a three-year membership plan, which in addition to some minor monetary savings affords a simple way to reduce the effort to re-enlist for membership.

Institutional Membership

Organisations and firms willing to support SES can do so by becoming an institutional member. Institutional membership does not confer voting rights at the AGM, but comes with the following benefits:

  1. Institutional members receive two complimentary tickets for the Annual Conference Dinner of the Society,
  2. Beginning in 2014, all institutional members will be listed on this web site and on the back cover of the SJPE as contributors to SES,
  3. Institutional members receive on complimentary subscription of the SJPE.

Note that all contributions to the SES are to an officially registered Scottish charity. There is a fixed institutional membership fee of £ 1000 per annum, and all such memberships are handled by the Honorary Secretary of SES.